Armature Winding Machine (MI - 200)

Hole Saw Cutter

Capacity :
Max. core dia. 75 mm
Max. core length 75 mm
Max. shaft length 355 mm

Winding Head :
Adjustable for core dia. & length special heads for skewed slots & for armatures 50 to 70 mm at extra cost.

Automatic Turns Counter :
Preset electronic counter in conjunction with dynamic braking accurately controls the no. of turns / coil indexing & looping is manual.

Approx. Shipping Size & Weight : 30" X 25" X 26" 65 kg.
Optional Extras : 2 Programmed show down counter.
Winding Speed : Variable to 1200 rpm.
Winding Mechanicsm : Armature held stationary between widely adjustable centres. Balanced flier spins wire around the armature, coiling the wire tightly into the armature.
Electrical Equipment : Permanent magnet motor, variable speed drive, associated control switches, relays lamps & fuses.
Electrical Supply : 230 V AC single phase 50 cycles.

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